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Houses for Short Sale Orlando

With all of the short sale houses on the market in Orlando, we are often asked, “Where do we start?” It’s really quite simple. If you are lookin... Read More »

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How to Find the Best Realtor

Finding a good realtor is important as you go through the real estate buying and selling process. There is an old saying in the real estate business s... Read More »

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Short Sales Orlando

Many prospective home buyers here in Orlando always ask about the availability of short sales. Are there many out there? Are they a good buy? Yes and ... Read More »

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Rent vs Buy in Orlando

Should you rent or buy? The Orlando real estate market offers the best of both worlds. If you are looking for a home for sale, you will find anything ... Read More »

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Foreclosure Houses in Florida

If you are thinking about foreclosure houses in Orlando, then now is the time to act. As you all know, Orlando was one of the hardest hit areas when t... Read More »

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Best Real Estate Website

What is the best real estate website? Of course, that is a very difficult, if not impossible, question to answer. It certainly depends on what the hom... Read More »

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Best Orlando Realtor

Who is the best realtor in Orlando? That obviously is a very complex question and the answer depends on what the home buyer or seller is looking for. ... Read More »

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Foreclosures Orlando

Foreclosures in Orlando have been among the highest in the country over the past few years. No neighborhood or community in the Orlando area didn’t ... Read More »

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Green Homes for Sale

As consumers increasingly search for friendly, green homes for sale, constructing green homes is becoming a priority for many home builders throughout... Read More »

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Orlando Short Sale Realtor

Short sales are plentiful now in Orlando. Any Orlando realtor can confirm this. It seems like on every block there is a home for sale as a short sale.... Read More »

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