Listing Your Home for Sale in Orlando FL

We provide a complete marketing campaign to market your property. We will review our marketing services with you and tailor-make our campaign for your home to sell at the highest price and in the shortest time possible. Our marketing program consists of the following:
  • Full MLS listing. Photos will be used in the listing. We will craft the listing in such a way that the listing will show up with the most frequency as possible in other agent searches and in a way to catch the other agents interest so they show the property to their clients.
  • Yard sign or window/panel (when allowed). It is one of the most respected names in the industry. Luxury homes ($1M +) will receive the "Premier Properties" yard sign. And we include our Phone Facts system number on the sign, see below.
  • Personalized "David's Phone Facts" system. This is a great tool that helps us sell your home. Wouldn't it be great if every time someone drove by your property they could call a telephone number to get additional no-pressure prerecorded information about your house? Well, take that a huge step further. Our system does just that; call a number on the sign, input the property ID and you hear our voice telling you about the home. But here is what sets us apart. That system automatically captures their phone number even if they have caller ID block! The system then immediately notifies us by cell phone and e-mail that someone called on this property. Now we have a chance to call them back while the lead is still hot!
  • Notify all Company agents. Promote the listing to all our offices throughout Florida and New York.
  • Promote Listing to other real estate agents. Our personal list of real estate professionals from other companies in which I work closely.
  • Listing on Featured on our personal website that currently is viewed by thousands of visitors from all over the world looking to buy homers in Central Florida.
  • Listed on Listed on Zillow, Trulia and Featured on the most visited real estate websites in the world.
  • Professional-looking flyers. These are made from scratch, we don't use the ho-hum design that is automatically created by the MLS system.
  • Dedicated property website. We create a website solely for your property
  • Local Real Estate and Home magazines and publications. If your property is suitable, we will list it in appropriate magazines in your area.
  • Craigs List Ads. A lesser known but effective web based classified advertisement site.
  • Listings In a Box. A unique and powerful marketing tool whereby your property photo and information is put on a card which will then be placed at several locations throughout Central Florida and at various community events in your area.
  • YouTube and Social Media. We effectively utilize the most popular social medias to get your house in front of as many people as possible.
  • Open Houses (but not if tenant occupied). If your property's location is suitable, hold open houses.
  • Other marketing strategies that are appropriate for your home and location.
In short, we will market you home with high-touch and high-tech strategies and sell it at the highest price in the shortest amount of time. When you are ready get your house sold, we are ready to serve. Please contact us today for further information and to discuss how we can tailor make a marketing campaign for your home.