As a first time home buyer I was a bit lost about how to go about the whole process. But then I was referred to David who patiently explained how everything worked and he answered every silly question I had. He never pushed me into making a bad decision and I am so appreciative of his services.  Even though I didn't have a big budget, he made me feel as important as any other client he had. That's the kind of service that I think all agents should offer. I encourage everyone to work with David.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦   Highly likely to recommend

I have been blessed to know David and to have him help us out in our search to buy a home. I have found him to be very honest and professional in his dealings with us. His integrity, professionalism and knowledge of the area is second to none. I HIGHLY recommend David!

I just met David recently, as I was looking for someone to help me purchase my first home. David always responded immediately to my emails and got me out to see my first homes within days. He even made himself available on weekends. David was fantastic at explaining the entire process to me and he opened my eyes to some neighborhoods that I had not considered previously. He learned what I was looking for by asking questions. He never put any pressure on me to make any decisions and I appreciated that greatly. It was a great and enjoyable experience. I would absolutely recommend David to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Orlando area.

I had an amazing experience working with David and and will not forget his kindness and professionalism. I live in Michigan and had been looking for a place to buy in southwest Orlando. I told David from the beginning that I was not going to be buying anytime soon but that I just wanted to look around and get a feel for the Orlando market. Despite this, unlike 2 other agents I previously worked with, David gave me his time and respect and he answered all of my questions. I ended up buying a beautiful home earlier than I planned and I have since referred David to my brother, who is in the process of looking for a home as well.

We had a wonderful experience working with David. He was very warm, pleasant and easy to work with. He seamed so in tune with what was happening in the area and he always gave us immediate responses to our questions - both by phone and email. Overall, this was such an easy and comfortable experience. We recommend him highly to anyone searching for a real estate expert in the Orlando area. Thanks David!!!!!!!!

David is a very professional and experienced realtor. He always answered my questions right away. And if he didn't have the answer, he would find it very quickly. I was on the road most of the time and had to find someone to rely on when I wasn't there. David took care of everything. He is very knowledgeable about the local real estate market and I trust him immensely. I will ABSOLUTELY work with him again.

David has worked with 3 different members of my family over the years and I continue to recommend him to all of my other family and friends. He not only appears to be an expert in the market, but he has always been helpful to us and has never been pushy. I have always felt as though he is working in our best interests and I have come to trust him immensely. Even after moving into our new home, David continues to make himself available to answer all of our questions.

It has been a real pleasure working with David. He has always generously given us his time when we ask. We have also greatly appreciated the fact that he is an attorney as well, as we had some legal issues we had to address before purchasing our most recent home. He took care of everything and made our move as smooth as possible. If you are in the market for a real estate agent, give David a call. You won’t find a better or more qualified one.

I had been looking for a house in Orlando for several months and had communication with several agents, before I found David. None of the others would promptly respond to my many questions. But David would always get back with me, no matter how silly the question seemed. He showed me what a true professional is all about. He worked relentlessly trying to find me a house and never tried to push a house on me just to make a sale. He always listened carefully to what I wanted and I will never forget that. As a senior citizen, I can’t tell you how important it was to find someone who I could truly trust to put my needs first. David is one of a kind!

David truly is a real estate professional, and one of the friendliest people I have ever worked with. He catered to every need we had, and whenever we needed it – weekends and evenings included! He understands the local market and showed us to be an amazing negotiator. Since we first worked with David, we have continued to take advantage of his professional expertise at various times. He really is one of the best and I would strongly recommend him to anyone when it comes to real estate, buying or selling!