How to Find the Best Realtor

Finding a good realtor is important as you go through the real estate buying and selling process. There is an old saying in the real estate business saying that "20% of the agents do 80% of the business". The important thing for you is, how can you find one of these good realtors? The best realtor does not always work at the biggest company, close the most deals or earn the most money. The best realtor is an experienced professional who will listen to you, conduct himself or herself in an ethical manner, and knows the market. 1. REALTORS and Real Estate Agents All Realtors are licensed to sell real estate as a real estate agent or a real estate broker, but not all real estate agents are Realtors. Only a Realtor can display the Realtor logo. Realtors belong to the National Association of Realtors and pledge to follow the Code of Ethics, a list of industry standards of practice, which establish levels of conduct that are much higher than ordinary business practices or those required by law. Less than half of all licensees are Realtors. 2. Referrals Most of the best realtors stay in business - and successfully - because satisfied clients refer them to friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Ask those around you what realtor they have used and ask them to discuss their experiences with this realtor. The best realtors realtors make their clients’ satisfaction their number one goal. 3. Use Print Advertising Realtors run real estate ads for two purposes. The first is to sell specific real estate. The second is to promote the realtor. Look in your local newspapers for ads in your targeted neighborhood. Then look up the websites of the realtors who are advertising. These realtors could be specialists in your neighborhood or type of home. 4. Professional Associations The best realtors typically are very involved in their profession and related professions. Ask your realtor what activities he is involved in. And if you really want to find a professional, find a realtor who is also a licensed attorney at law. A realtor who is also an attorney can more easily walk you through the often complicated legal process that involves contracts and closing. 5.  See how the Realtor Works Meet the realtor out in their working environment, not in their offices. The best realtors spend very little time at their desks. 6.  Have a Website Make sure your realtor is online. Having a web savvy realtor with a strong web presence is very important today as over 85% of all buyers initially see their homes online. The best realtors have laptops and often have moved to mobile technology to assist. A realtor in today's world must email, text, and be available to buyers and sellers all the time. 7.  A Busy Realtor! Look for signs that the realtor is busy. A hard-working, go-getter of an agent is good. But if they pass you to an "assistant", move to another realtor that will give their time to you. 8.  Respected by Peers How respected is the realtor? The best realtors network and work cooperatively with other realtors and professionals. Seasoned realtors know other realtors in the area and have good working relationships with them. This helps you!