Best Private Schools in Orlando

So many home buyers today are looking for alternatives to the public schools. These people are always asking about private schools in Orlando before they decide to buy a home. And with all the new residents moving to Orlando, in addition to the families already here looking for a new home, they frequently ask, “What are the best private schools in Orlando?” Determining the best private schools in Orlando can be very important to those home buyers with school-age kids still at home. In fact, many prospective home buyers choose the part of Orlando to live in based on the quality of the private schools. However, finding the best private schools in Orlando can be an extremely difficult task. Mostly because not everyone shares the same requirements of what makes a private school one of the best in Orlando. Some are looking for a private Christian school, or a private Catholic School. While others want a private non-religious school. Whatever their desires, Orlando has many private schools to choose from. Thus, the question of which are the best private schools in Orlando is not going to be answered the same for everyone. But we have to start somewhere. We have researched the private schools in Orlando and have listened to many sources. Although there is not an official rating system, there certainly is a consensus of which private schools in Orlando are considered among the best. We have listed below a non-exclusive list of private schools that many people consider to be among the best private schools in Orlando. The First Academy (Pk - 12), 2667 Bruton Blvd., Orlando, FL 32805 Pine Castle Christian Academy (PK - 12), 7101 Lake Ellenor Dr., Orlando, FL 32809 One Accord Christian Academy (K - 10), 7301 Edgewater Dr., Orlando, FL 32810 Bishop Moore Catholic High School (9 - 12), 3901 Edgewater Dr., Orlando, FL 32804 Lake Highland Preparatory School (PK - 12), 901 N. Highland Ave., Orlando, FL 32803 Azalea Park Baptist School (PK - 12), 5725 Dahlia Dr., Orlando, FL 32807